$104.99 USD

FCS II MR PC Surfboard Fins Dusty Blue Swirl

Mark Richards large twin fin template in performance core with a new dusty blue swirl colour - with 3rd stabiliser centre fin.
Recommended for DHD Mini Twin, Lost Round Nosed Fish, JS Flying Pony and the MR Pony surfboards.
Base: 5.06" 128.0mm
Depth: 5.58" 142.0mm
Area: 21.05"sq 13580mmsq
Sweep: 33.0 deg

Base: 3.31" / 84mm.
Depth: 3.34" / 85mm.
Area: 8.23"sq / 5307mmsq.
Sweep: 29.1deg.
Foil: Flat.

Twin Fin Guide

'Twin fin' templates features a large surface area and upright design, allowing for tight turns in the pocket. Some twin fin sets include a mini stabiliser fin which draws the turn out slightly.

'Keels fins' offer stability, classic glide and trim for high speed 'down the line surfing.

If your board shaper recommends a specific fin for your board we would always advise you to stay with this recommendation.

There are no surfer weight/size guides for twin fins and keels as they are generally suitable for all weights and sizes of surfers. Note: You may find some fins identified on catalogues/stock numbers as 'Large' or 'XL', but this is just used as a comparison to thruster fins and is NOT a weight guide for users.

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