Dakine - Launch Surf Pad Sun Flare

$40.00 USD

Get more grip with your Dakine Evade Surf Traction Pad

If you are getting a shortboard, you will definitely need a traction pad on it. This will help you to increase grip, and prevent your back foot from sliding off. At the same time, it’ll give your rear foot a comfortable placement, regardless of where you want to have it, at the tail of the board. Moving your foot is effortless, whether you need to move it further back or forward to trim the board.


  • Biodegradable EVA foam
  • Posi-traction grid pattern
  • 3-piece pad
  • Adhesive - grade 3M®


  • Center arch - 0.276'' (7mm)
  • Kick tail -rolled ramp - 1.18'' (30mm)
  • Length: 12" (30.5cm)
  • Width: 11.5'' (29cm)

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